Are Freebies Really Free?

Are Freebies Really FREE?

The truth is that everyone loves free stuff, discounts, and a great deal, no matter how large or small.

Who wants to pay full price for something when you could get that same item at a discounted price or better yet for FREE?

Did you really save a few bucks?

Did You Really Get It For FREE?

or was it just good marketing?

The last time you got that freebie or a great deal, you most likely gave up your email address or some other personal information. Read more and learn the truth about Freebies and Discounts.

Is It Really Free?

Freebies, Free, Giveaway, The promise of getting something for nothing. Is there a more tempting word to click on than free? For example, would you be tempted to click on claim your free $100.00 gift card? Most importantly, Why would someone give away something of value?, No strings attached.

Let’s Explore The Truth About Freebies

Let’s talk about freebies and learn the truth. You can certainly get that freebie but it will cost you something. First of all, the internet isn’t what it used to be. And Secondly, freebies and giveaways come at a price. You may have to give up some privacy and security like an email, mailing address, or name and phone number. Finally, you will have to perform some action to get that free stuff. In addition and certainly the most valuable, you will have to give your time. Just click here, only to find more actions required before you can claim your freebie. It is for you to decide, Is your personal information and time worth what you are getting for “FREE.

Freebie Or Discount

Be sure to consider what you are getting and what you have to give for it. Freebies involve a transaction between parties. For instance, both parties have given and received something of value. Like, an email for a $5.00 gift card. Whereas, discounts motivate you to give your time and show up at the store or restaurant to cash in on that discount. What will that next freebie or discount cost you? Here at talkrally, you can find a few pages with real discount codes.

Free Mobile Phone

Is that phone really free? It requires a one year contract where obviously the cost of the phone is built into the monthly payments for one year.

Free Tickets

Just fill out this form or survey and get free tickets. Now just wait in line to claim your free ticket. You probably had to give personal information or your opinion on the form or survey. How much is your privacy and time worth to you?

Buy One Get One Free

Nothing free here, just a 50% discount if you buy two of the same items. A 50% discount is great as long as the price of the first item isn’t inflated. Buy one get one free deals are a great way to save on restaurants, groceries, tickets, and more. The cost here may only be time to cut a coupon or search the internet for one. BOGO offers can likely be better than free offers, for example, one meal free at a restaurant could result in a $20.00 to $30.00 savings. Hence, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

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Read The Fine Print

Always read the fine print, in other words, know what you are signing up for. Legitimate web sites and companies will sometimes have limited quantities of free trials or have you jump through hoops, in addition to filling out extensive surveys to get something of little value for free. So you have to decide, How much are you willing to give for that free item?

Give Your Credit Card Info! No Way! That’s Not A Freebie!

If you are asked for your credit card number, No Way! I thought it was free? Don’t give your number to freely. As a result of giving your credit card info, your free item will probably end up costing you something. You may end up with unwanted random charges in the future. Some exceptions may be when signing up for a free trial or subscription, after that, remember to mark the date to cancel if you don’t want to continue with the trial or subscription.

Let us know what you think

In Conclusion, you do have a price to pay for those freebies. Time is valued by everyone at by different levels. Therefore, spend your time wisely, according to the value you place on it. Above all, guard your personal information. It is undoubtedly valuable. Why would so many people be trying to steal it from you? Let us know what you think. Was your last freebie worth what you gave for it? What’s the most time you spent to get something for free and of little value? Share your best place for freebies.

Thanks for spending your valuable time with us.

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