The True Cost Of Freebies – Not Really Free Stuff

What do you have to give to get that freebie? Let’s talk about the true cost of freebies and why they are not really free.

What Are Freebies? Can You Really Get Free Stuff?

Free, freebies, free stuff, getting something for nothing, and not having to give anything in return. A gift, giveaway or handout. Let’s talk about the true cost of freebies and why they are not really free.

Definition of free: Something given without charge or cost: a free sample at a store.

What Is The True Cost Of Free Stuff-Freebies?

What do you have to give to get that freebie?

What is the value you place on those freebies?

It is very different for each individual and their circumstances. One’s value of their privacy and time is a personal choice we each have to make. What do you have to give to get that freebie? They advertise freebies as if you don’t have to give anything to get it. But, is it really free? It’s not! You may get something, but did you consider what you had to give?

Let’s take a brief look at what you may be asked to give in return for your free stuff.

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1. Give Your Privacy For Free Stuff

First, you may need to give your email. You should consider setting up an email account to use when applying for internet offers. With this, you will avoid the flood of junk emails to your primary inbox and make your freebies email easily cleaned, whereas most will be junk. Next, you may be asked to fill out a form, provide some contact information, name, zip code, mailing address and phone number.

We need to know where to send your free stuff.

The information collected by companies has value to them. Ounce collected, they market goods and services they want to sell you. You get one freebie. While they get months and maybe years of free advertisements to you.

2. Give Your Time For Free Stuff

If you’ve ever searched for free stuff online, you are hard-pressed to find anything without strings attached. Just click here and it’s yours. The giver and the receiver are involved in a simple or at times not so simple transaction. How much time would you give for a $100.00 gift card? How much time for a $5.00 gift card? Certainly, you would exchange (the transaction) more of your time and privacy for the larger of the two cards. You have to give something to get something.

3. Give Your Personal Information

You have to give your personal information, spend your valuable time to get those freebies. Before you click, ask yourself. What am I willing to give? Is it worth the cost? Is it really free? Now that you know the true cost, how much are you willing to give for that freebie? I guess the amount of free time you have and the value you place on your personal information will determine the value of that freebie. If you conclude it’s worth the price, by all means, complete the transaction and get those freebies.

Have you had buyer’s remorse for something free? What’s the highest price you had to pay for something free? Was it worth the price?

4. Freebies Conclusion

Are Freebies Scams?

Freebies are scams in the way they are advertised to consumers. Leading you to believe you will get something for nothing. But are not scams as you will sometimes get that freebie after you jump through hoops and spend time and effort, give up some personal information and we all know there is usually a catch if you want to cash in on that freebie. Sometimes after going through surveys and answering questions you never seem to get to the place where you actually get that freebie.

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