Is Free Stuff Really Free?

What Is Free?

What Is The Meaning Of Free?

What Is The Meaning Of Free?

There are very few things you will find that are truly free. Free is only free when it comes at no cost to you.
Why does this little four-letter word have so much power over us?
What emotion do you feel when you see a headline like FREE STUFF?
Why does it cause an impulse reaction?
Why does that little word persuade us to take action we may have otherwise dismissed?
Learn to anticipate the power “FREE” has over you.
Ask Yourself :

Ask Yourself These 6 Things

  1. Why is it free?
  2. Why are they giving it away?
  3. What’s in it for them?
  4. What’s in it for me?
  5. What’s the hidden catch?
  6. Is it really free at all?

What Is Free Psyche?

  • The Emotional Reaction To Free
  • The Impulse Reaction To Free
  • The Appeal Of Free
  • 5 Question To Ask Yourself About Free

FREE Will Entice You To Act…
Be Smart About It

The word free is added in advertisements and media because it is a powerful word that can cause you to take action. the action may be a click to a website, it may cause you to watch a video in anticipation of the free offer, watch till the end before you can get the freebie. Free entices you to take action that you may have never taken.

Not Free But Great Discounts

What does that free stuff really cost you?

What are your thoughts about free stuff?

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